Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Animal Lovers Sickened by Slaughter of Puppy

I'm happy to report that no puppy was sacrificed in the writing of this blog, but I'd like you to hold on to that sick feeling you got when you thought it was true.

That's the feeling devout Catholics and other devout Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. feel when they think about the slaughter of an unborn child.

The leader of the free world enthusiastically embraces such slaughter.
He went to teenage girls and tried to corrupt their young minds into imagining such slaughter was their right.
He presents this slaughter as the solution to the inconvenient results of casual sex.
He smiled when he said he would slaughter his own grandchild to keep his daughter from being inconvenienced by her sexual activity.
And he intends to force those who oppose such slaughter to either take part in the orgy or suffer the consequences.

Too long, Christians have thought of persecution as something that happened long ago to other people. Just a historical reference. When Caesar ordered Christians to either bear the mark of worship to him as God or suffer the loss of their livelihood, we thought that was pretty darn ugly. Those who held out couldn't trade. They couldn't buy food. They couldn't survive. Barack Obama is doing exactly the same thing, except he doesn't stop at worship. He wants blood sacrifice.

To say Barack simply has a different opinion about the slaughter of children is to say that Hitler just had a different opinion about the human dignity of Jews. And Catholics. And the handicapped. And gays. And gypsies.

That's right. When you determine a person's value to society by external factors, you can take it anywhere you like, as long as you can convince others you're right.


  1. When I think of someone saying we should be able to kill off an unborn child who has an illness, I want to ask her if she would go into a hospital full of sick kids and tell them she wishes they all were dead. No baby killing. Period.

  2. I was so depressed in the morning, thinking of all the additional children who would die, thinking of Catholics and others who wouldn't fight for their beliefs but just go along with the program, thinking of the women who would later need counseling for their guilt (which happens quite frequently, even years later), thinking of the women who eagerly take the birth control now, years later when they have breast cancer. Then Foster said, "Aren't you going to Chick-fil-A?" And I did. And I felt like I was doing SOMETHING. And I saw how many other people were standing up against bullies. And I felt better.