Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simple, NOT Stupid

Simple is sweet!

I met Martha (made up name) at Bible Study. She was as sweet as God makes 'em. And kind. Beautiful inside and out. She was and still is a devout Catholic who loves Jesus, Mary, and all God's children. (That would be you and me.)

Born in Mexico, she moved to the US with her husband, and on this day we were celebrating her hard-won US citizenship.  From her infectious laughter to her impish smile and beautiful accent, she radiated simplicity.

I can hear the cynics saying that only such a simple woman could be a devout servant of God. If she had a finely developed intellect like, say, the intelligentsia found on campus colleges alongside of professors who view their female students as a corral of potential breeding mares, then she wouldn't be drawn to such a simple formula as GOD + me. She'd choose the smart person's option of GOD = me.

Back in Mexico, sweet, simple Martha was a lawyer.

It's not intellect that gets in the way of faith. It's pride.

It really is that simple.

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