Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Be a Minimalist with God

Too often I hear excuses for why people don't attend Mass on Sunday. Their teen was sleepy. They had a soccer game to attend. It wasn't convenient.

The world has been taken over by Minimalists. Far beyond an art form or political theory, Minimalism is the mentality that seeks to do the bare minimum. It's that customer service rep who will only answer your direct question instead of helping you solve the problem. It's the store clerk who goes on break while a long line of customers wait. It's those people who show up twenty minutes late for Mass and leave right after Communion.

While we're reluctantly giving the God of the universe the barest possible thanks, I wondered how well that scenario would play out at home.

Wife:            I recognize the birthday card you got me.
Hubby:       That's because I pulled it out of the box of bulk all-occasion cards you got at Costco.
Wife:            Hmmmm. You didn't sign it.
Hubby:      You wanted it signed? (sigh) Give me a pen.
Wife:            I don't suppose I can expect a present.
Hubby:       I just figured if you wanted something you'd buy it yourself.
Wife:           Thanks for the thought.
Hubby:       Hey.
Wife:          (snarling) What?
Hubby:      I love you.

How many of you would get butterflies in your tummy over this demonstration of love?

The Mass is a huge part of a Catholic's relationship with God. It's a time for us to go and offer Him thanks for everything He's given us--literally everything we have--and to partake in the Eucharist, which has been the soul and summit of the Catholic Church since since Christ founded it. To actually receive the body, blood, soul and divinity of the God of the universe is an HUGE honor. Why would you look for an excuse to get out of it????

Lets not beat around the bush. If you say Christ is first in your life but it's too much trouble to go to Mass, then you're a liar. If you can find things more important than going to Mass for approximately one hour per week to worship and praise the Lord, then God is not first in your life, and whatever IS first is where your true devotion lies.

Just for the record, choosing to skip Mass without a legitimate reason (and common sense should tell you what those are) is a mortal sin. Die with a mortal sin on your soul? BOOM. Hell. That's because justification for Catholics is an ongoing state of grace, and that relationship with God can be broken by sin. Confession is the only remedy.

But don't go to Mass out of fear. God doesn't want your fear. He wants your love. He wants a relationship. He sent His only Son to die on a cross for you, just so you could be with Him forever. Don't you think He's worth an hour of your time?

And that's still the minimum.

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