Friday, April 17, 2015

Stop Talking About Jesus!

You're in your home. Loved ones come over. You're so happy to see them...until they walk past you and sit at a table nearby. You can hear them talking, and they're talking about YOU! How much they love you. How wonderful you are. How they can't imagine life without you.

But they won't talk TO you. In fact, every time you try to jump into the conversation, they talk over you or ignore you.

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Would that make you happy? All warm and fuzzy inside?

Not me. I want to be part of the conversation, and I think that might be how Jesus feels. There are many people who sincerely speak of their awe of God the Father, their affinity for the Holy Spirit, and their love for Jesus, but they can't find time to sit down in prayer and talk TO Him.

If my husband never listened to anything I had to say, he wouldn't know me. My wishes for our relationship. He wouldn't know what I wanted, even if it was something as simple as picking up milk from the store on his way home.

Take ten minutes today, find a quiet spot that is free of distractions, and talk to Jesus. Listen. It's the only way to grow in your relationship with Him, and it's the only way to change your world.

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